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We are all delighted that our primary schools have done so well in the recent Ofsted inspections

St Mary’s is judged as
GOOD in every aspect of RE

St Anselm’s is judged as
OUTSTANDING in every aspect of its work

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St Mary and St Anselm
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History of St. Anselm's Church, Whitworth

The parish was found in 1860 to accomodate the large number of workers, many of them Irish, who came into the area to man the local quarries and mills. The first parish priest was Father John Anselm Milward, incorporated the name of his own patron saint into the title of the church. The chuch was opened on October 10th 1969. It was built from stone from the local quarries and the story goes that whenever the fund ran short, Father Milward would raise the necessary cash by raffling the horse and cart which carried the stone to the site. Invariably the winner would return the prize and the work on the church continued. The church's clock tower was built at a later date by the then parish priest, Father Van Der Beek, a Dutch man who's family provided the funding. The school was built in 1909.

These photographs were kindly donated by the parishners of the church and are copyrighted to indviduals. (c) Sunstone 2012